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Fruit Fillings Inc. is proud to introduce our new line of Icing products.  As you have come to expect with our fillings,  our Icing products contain only the finest ingredients available.  Consistent with the high quality standards of Fruit Filling's products, our Icing products set a new standard for the industry.

Brilliant 'N White Buttercream Base - The finest base for making the best buttercream icing.  Simply adding powdered sugar, water, and Hi Ration Shortening gives you the whitest, smoothest, non-greasy butter cream you can imagine.  Neutral in flavor, you can add any flavor or color for all you special occasion cakes.  A must for all discriminating Pastry Chefs.

Silky White Fondant Icing - This 100% crème fondant Ready-To-Use icing is the best tasting, easiest to use product of its kind on the market.  Simply heat to 120F and dip cookies, pour over fondant cakes, petit 'fours, string-ice Danish or coffee cakes... or what ever your imagination tells you.  The icing takes color and flavor without bleeding or fading... stays bright and shiny.

Cream Cheese Icing - This icing tastes and looks like you made it yourself.  However, all you need to do is open the pail and start spreading on cakes.  Extremely smooth, will not tear your cakes even if the layers are split.  Fruit Fillings makes the icing... you take all the credit for its fabulous flavor!

German Chocolate Icing - Made with sweetened condensed milk, sweet flake coconut, and pecans, this is the finest RTU German Chocolate Icing on the market today.  Perfect for that special German Chocolate Cake, Brownies, or as a filling in Danish and Coffee Cakes.  Simply open the pail and watch the delight on your customer's faces.

Gourmet Select Fudge Icing - Made with 100% crème fondant and the finest cocoa and chocolate liquor our Fudge Icing is the finest product of its kind on the market today.  Perfect for chocolate fudge cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and other confectionery products.

Imperial Fudge Base - Only the finest high fat cocoa and chocolate liqueur are used in our Fudge Base.  You will use less than other fudge base products and with enhanced, flavors this product is a great value.  Try it on all your chocolate products.


Donut Icing

Let's face it, nobody likes a naked donut.  So Fruit Fillings Inc. went ahead and created three of the best tasting and highest quality Donut Icings you will find.  Available in Chocolate, White, and Maple flavors, Fruit Fillings delivers the best tasting Donut Icings which cannot be equaled.

gourmet select pastry

Gourmet Select

For decades, Fruit Fillings Inc. has provided the food industry with the very finest in pastry fillings.  Our reputation is second to none.  Continuing this tradition of excellence, Fruit Fillings Inc. now introduces GOURMET SELECT  Fillings.  Gourmet Select is a premium line of our highest quality product.  Utilizing only the highest quality fruit on the market, featuring a fruit count of no less than 70% and sweetened with pure sugar.  No other line of fillings can compare with these delectable treats.  Gourmet Select premium fillings come in a "European" style pail and are available only under the Gourmet Selection ultra-fancy label.


Icing Fruit



Concentrated with color and flavor, these Icing Fruits contain real fruit pieces.  Perfect for adding to cakes, muffins, and donut batter.  Also perfect for adding to icings to change white icing to colorful, flavorful taste treats.

granny smith apples

Fresh Apple

Fruit Fillings Inc. uses only fresh Granny Smith apples.  They are peeled, sliced, and diced and prepared the same day, creating a delicious filling that provides that just picked crispness of premium, tree ripened apples.  Flavored naturally with sugar, fruit juices, spices, and lemon.  Our apple products never contain dried or frozen apples.


Yogurt Fruit


Fruit Fillings Inc. is dedicated to finding and using the finest fruit in the world. We are now happy to introduce our Yogurt Fruit line where we use that same fruit and create the best yogurt fruit base available.


Bakery Jam

For generations, America's finest chefs had no alternative but to turn to European makers to purchase the highest quality bakery jams.  Fruit Fillings, Inc. is proud to announce a new line of bakery jams, guaranteed to be the finest bakery jam available today.  The jam has been tested with some of the premier chefs around the country, and they concur; the product is spectacular!  Pectin set and spreadable right from the pail.  Perfect for the cookies, pastries and between cake layers.


Flavors and



Fruit Fillings Inc. makes a limited variety of emulsions and artificial Vanilla.  Ready to use and an excellent addition to any bake shop.

Apple Fruit Filling In Blue Barrel

Pie Fillings

Fruit Fillings Inc. pie fillings feature that great fresh picked flavor with the highest fruit count available.  Selecting the highest quality fruit, combined with the state-of-the-art processing equipment, has earned Fruit Fillings the reputation of setting the standard in the bakery industry.

Strawberry Fruit Filling In Tub

Pastry Fillings


Enhanced with natural fruit juices and flavors, Fruit Fillings pastry fillings are made with the highest fruit content and are the finest starch stabilized products available.  These ready-to-use, smooth texture fillings are designed for stability and will not breakdown in the oven.  Ideal for pastries, spreading on cakes and finishing work.



  • White

  • Chocolate

  • Maple

  • Blueberry - made with blueberries

  • Lemon - made with lemon juice and peel

  • Orange - made with orange juice and peel

  • Salt Caramel

  • RTU Glaze

Gourmet Select Cheesecake

Perfectly Natural


No Artifical Flavors or Colors. No Preservatives

  • Cubed Apple - made with Fresh Granny Smith Apples

  • Blueberry - made with Wild Blueberries

  • Cherry Pie - made with Michigan red tart cherries

  • Cheese Filling - made with cream cheese

  • Lemon Tart - made with butter, lemon juice and lemon zest

  • Raspberry - made with Raspberry puree

  • Chopped Strawberry - made with chunky strawberries

  • Guava - made with Guava puree

  • Mango - made with mango puree and chunks

  • Strawberry Glaze

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